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It Takes A Village

You know that saying? It takes a village. It is most commonly used when referring to raising a kid. In my case it's true, but not only to raising a couple kids but to starting a business as well. Ive been blessed to have an amazing support system in both my personal and business life. Im surrounded by the most amazing group of people.

One of the most common questions people always ask me is...How?

How did you open a salon?

How did you get the Money for it?

How did you find contractors?

How did you know what to do?

A business doesn't come with cookie cutter instructions, and putting in the work and time are crucial to the growth. So to answer your questions, I opened the salon with the help of a "business partner" and with the help of my amazing boyfriend. Most of our money came from savings and credit cards.I honestly had no idea where to even begin I had a vision of what I wanted the salon to look like and went from there, I was lucky my boyfriend is amazing when it comes to networking and we found some contractors that way,. And to be completely honest and transparent I didn't know what I was doing, I'm completely 100% still figuring it out. I have a dream and a vision and I jumped on it full force and I won't stop until my vision comes to life. Everything I've done this far we've totally learned along the way, somethings cost us more because of this but lesson learned.

Like I tell anyone who cares to listen, Business is hard, you have to give it your all mentally & physically definitely not for the weak. Let's be real, if it were easy more people would be doing it.So if you are a small business owner and yes my booth rental beauticians included give your self a pat on the back cause this shit is hard. At some point in the day I'm one if not all faces of the business, Customer Service, The service provider, Maintenance, Handy Women, Receptionist and Social Media Manager and It doesn't end there... if you're a mom give yourself a hug from me to you,cause shit is real hard. But guess what... I believe in you and We will get thru this.When things get hard and you feel you can't go on I'm here cheering you on and to remind you to not forget why you're doing this..It okay to take a step back, crawl in bed, scream out loud or cry it out but the next day get back out and be the Bad Ass Boss Bitch that YOU ARE!!

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You are an inspiration girl!! Keep kicking ass and we are all cheering you on!!! ❤️

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Thank you!!!!♥️♥️♥️

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