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So Excited to help you reach your nail goals. I'm currently only offering Structured Gel Manicures and Pedicures feel free to chat with me on here if you have any questions or concerns.

Hi My Pretty's!!!!

Chances are that if it's your first time here, you are most likely wondering

What in the world is a Structured Manicure?

Well I start all my structured gel manicures with the signature dry Russian manicure technique. The dry Russian manicure uses an e-file to help exfoliate the dead skin cells and with the help of different bits we are able to lift away dead skin that need to be trimmed or smoothed over. After prepping the natural nail we apply a medium viscosity gel like luminary or any of our other builder gels in a bottle, (it will all depend on the base gel color you choose.) This will help us achieve optimal nail strength and structure. This product can be used to correct damaged nail plates by filling in ridges and/or demarcations to help even the appearance of the natural nail. Structured gel manicures are a great way to start growing out your natural nails.

Let me help you achieve your natural nail goals, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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